Do not equate a Pond for Fish with an Aquarium

In the true sense, pond for fish is a place where it serves to store and maintain various types of fish that have a display that is in direct contact with the ground and has a wider and larger size. Thus, there are still many people who until now often equate a fish pond with an aquarium where it is clear from various aspects or things between the two types of fish shelter is clearly different, either from the case or the small assessment to the big appraisal.

First, never equate a pond for fish and aquarium in terms of cleanliness. Because, in the matter of cleaning a fish pond would require considerable time than cleaning it in an aquarium. Because, cleaning the aquarium can be done on its own without the help of others because the aquarium has a wide and narrow area. While cleaning a pond needs the help of others where in cleaning it can not be arbitrary. So, this is the pay attention for us as parent who have children to keep away from the aquarium.

In addition, for the safety aspect also needs to be considered between the pond for fish and also the aquarium. For aquarium and fish pond also has one thing in common, that is not to be reached by children. However, for the aquarium is very cultivated not to place it diarea easily accessible by small children because the aquarium has a view that where can hold the power source directly. While for the pond of course should not be too close to the children because it will cause danger that slipped and entered into the pond. In addition to making clothes and wet children’s body, it is possible to cause minor injuries due to slippery surface of the floor around the pond.

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