How to Repair a Garage Door

Gone arethe days where we werehighly reliant on companies offering services to repairdamaged items in our house. In fact, statistics would suggest that the momentum of DIY culture is projected to keep on rising this 2017.

This rise in DIY culture would further tell us that households are gradually gaining an advanced sense of independence. Consumers first think about fixing things themselves before finally calling for expert assistance.

From fixing broken windows to installing wirings, household projects are becoming even more complex.Thus, more domestic issues are experienced by household owners. Despite this, it is a surprise to seepeople becoming eager to independently fix something as big as a garage door. It does sound challenging, but by knowing the how-to’s, it’s actually quite a piece of cake.

Here are 4 of the basic steps in repairing a damaged garage door:

  1. Assess the main issue

Needless to say, the first step in refurbishing anything is to accurately identify the problem. Usually, garage door issues are the products of loose screws, so you might want to examine these first. Be sure to tighten them if found out to be loose. In some instances, the tracks may be damaged. Thus, it is better to simply replace the tracks for smoother sliding action. However, replacements can still be tricky.So, you can consider getting an expert’s assistance to be sure.

  1. Make adjustments if necessary

In the majority of cases where tracks are the issue of the door, be sure that horizontally positioned tracks should have an inclined angle. Also, tracks should always have identical heights. If any of these are not observed, adjust the positioning and be sure to tightly seal the screws. If done right, this will result in a better-controlled slide.

  1. Clean-up

It can be quite annoying when the door doesn’t slide as smooth as you want it to be. If that’s the case, it’s most probably a maintenance issue. Dirty tracks would often result in high friction due to hardened grease. You can easily clean this with typical household detergents and be sure to wipe the surface dry after cleaning.

  1. Secure the door from potential damages

The last step is fairly simple. You need to make sure that future damages are prevented as much as possible. You can simply do this by examining the screws and the hinges, the most critical parts of a garage door. It would be a very good preemption to replace loose screws with longer screws with the same diameter. Reinforcements such as carpenter’s glue also help to make sure it’s intact.

Final Pointer

Fixing garage doors or anything else at home can be very simple. Most often than not, one can easily maneuver his way through various damages. Simple as it is, however, repairing some damages may lead to inherent risks and dangers. If you are unsure of the damage and are not confident that you can fix it yourself, don’t hesitate to consult the experts. Whether you’re looking for help for garage door repair woodland hills or wherever your location is, you are sure to find an expert enarby.


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