Most Natural Places about Medan That You Need to Visit

Many people think that Medan is a very big city that offers you a lot of things that are modern enough to be experienced from the big city. However, that is not fully true since even though Medan is one big city in Indonesia, there are some things about Medan that you might have never experienced before. It is the amazing nature. Yes, Medan has a lot of nice natural places that you need to visit if you are in this big city in Indonesia. If you are interested, here are some of those natural places that you can visit.

  • The first one is Sidebuk – Debuk Hot Spring. This hot spring is the perfect combination of breeze and warmth. That is because this hot spring is located on the foot of Mount Sibayak. That means you will be able to get the breezy wind around the area and you can easily get the warmth by going into the hot spring. For your additional information, this hot spring is considered as something beneficial for your health because the water contains about 20 percents of sulphure, which is good for your skins.
  • The second one is Kampoeng Nipah Mangrove Beach. Actually, there is nothing quite attractive from the mangrove forest. However, this place offers you something a little bit different because you can find the amazing paradise of beaches after you go through the mangrove forest on this amazing holiday Medan. That is because you can find the amazing looking of the white sand on the beach after you go through the mangrove forest on this area.
  • The third one is the Gundaling Hill. This place is the place that you need to visit if you love to go hiking. That is because this place offers you the sensational beauty that you will never want to miss. For your information, from the top of the hill you can get the nice view of the biggest mountain in Medan, Mount Sinabung. The view of the setting sun on this hill is also spectacular so that you should not miss this moment on the hill.
  • The last one is the exotic Mursala Island. This is the most amazing island that you need to visit if you are in Medan. That is because the water is totally clean. You can dive and swim around the area as long as you want. You can also rent a boat to roam around the island. There is just nothing that you will not love from this island. It is just something common that this amazing island in Sibolga is becoming one of the best diving spots in Sumatra.


Those are some of the best natural places in Medan that you can visit. For your consideration, all of those names above can be considered as the top natural spots that you can find in Medan. Because of that reason, you will surely find a lot of people during the weekend or the seasonal holiday. Prepare to deal with the crowd.

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